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OCTOBER 25, 26, 27, 2007
Proposal & Pledge Tracking System
Deadline for receipt by mail: October 15, 2007.
Deadline for receipt by e-mail: October 22, 2007.
The Rotary Tri-District Conference represents a tremendous opportunity to bring proposing clubs and pledging clubs together to create projects that represent the spirit of Rotary in our three districts. The Tri-District event serves as a clearinghouse for proposals and pledges.
The project and pledge tracking system described in this document is designed to streamline the proposing and pledging process for the Tri-District conference.
Forms for project fair use:
  1. Project Proposal form. A one-page summary of the project to be distributed by proposing clubs as a tool for selling their proposals.
  2. Project Signup form. A one-page form to be used by pledging clubs for making commitments to proposals.
  3. DDF Form for documenting district commitment of DDF money.
Electronic formats for use by grants teams and participants:
  1. A database or spreadsheet to track each proposal and pledge.
  2. A consolidated Tri-District Conference web page will display the status of each proposal.

How the System Will Work

Web Registration of projects:
  1. Clubs proposing projects will complete the 1-page Project Proposal form available on the tridistrict website. The form can be directly e.mailed to the Colorado Tridistrict team by pushing the submit button. Clubs can also download the form from the download page of the site as a writable Acrobat document. Writable Acrobat documents can be printed, filled out by hand and mailed to the Tridistrict host team.
  2. We encourage clubs to fax or email the completed project proposal form to their district. international/foundation chair. DGSC Mike Lanham for 5470, DGSC Robert Bovery for 5520, and DGSC Patricia Legarda for 4110.
  3. The deadline for receipt by mail is October 15, 2007.
  4. The deadline for receipt by e-mail is October 22, 2007.
  5. District contacts will then fax or e-mail the proposal forms to the Host District DGSC. The Host DGSC will:
    a. Assign a proposal number to the form.
    b. Scan the form into an Acrobat document with the proposal number as the document file name.
    c. 3-hole punch and keep one copy in a master notebook.
    d. Log the project proposal into a spreadsheet.
    e. E-mail to each DGSC the completed and numbered project proposal forms.
    f. The Host DGSC will post the completed and numbered project on the website.
    g. The Host DGSC will notify registering clubs of the posting of their project on the website.
  6. Although we encourage clubs to submit their proposal forms by the deadline, clubs may print the form and fill it out by hand and bring it to the Tri-District Conference, or fill it out at the conference.
  7. Pre-registered Proposing clubs will bring twenty photocopies of their numbered proposal form for use in soliciting pledges at the conference.
  8. District Grant and/or Foundation Committees will document each district’s DDF commitment on the Commitment for Matching Grant form.
  9. Prior to the end of the project fair, all DGSC will meet to confirm DDF commitments, projects funded and exchange information on incomplete project proposals.
  10. After the conference, the collected data will be posted on the rotarytridistrict.org website for tracking proposal status until assigned a matching grant number or time allowed for paperwork completion runs out.
Check the Grant-writing - step by step - process guide (PDF)  on the download page
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