Cinelines is an independent Film Resource Center serving Northern New-Mexico and Southern Colorado. Cinelines is sponsored in part by Hermay.org
Created 1.2000


Cinelines started as the internet media support for the weekly Movie-Views show from 2000 to 2005. It has continued since as a stand-alone film info resource to serve the Northern New Mexico community. To this day, it caters to numerous local, statewide and international audiences interested in film.


       Jean Constant co-produced and hosted Movie-View and Thursday Night Classics, two weekly film-news forums. He also co-produced and hosted - Window on the Arts - in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art in Washington and - Crossworld Culture - a perspective on culture and society through the eyes of Art-makers and the cinematographers who documented their work.


       Frequent guest-hosts were Linda Clark and Steve Brumby. Rick Bongianni, Jeremie Sanchez served as the technical support team.


       The Film posters gallery came as an offshoot of Window on the art. The posters were created for a series of lectures on film appreciation Jean Constant was giving simultaneously at UNM-Los Alamos.


       CGL Productions reflects on the cultural and media activities Cinelines was and/or is still involved in today.










* Available in the Film-Posters gallery